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Monday, September 12, 2005

Kitty: New Stuff from Japan

Not much crafting going on over here. Actually there has just been frustrations and ripping going on in my life. Everything I have been swatching for has come up with the wrong gauge or the patterns are the wrong size.

For example check out the lovely new silk that I picked up at the sale my LYS was having over the weekend. I was so excited to start the Katrina Rib that I bought the pattern for last week. The label clearly states 5st to and inch. Somehow no matter what size needles I try to knit it on comes up with 6 stitches to an inch. From size 4 to size 10 (US) the stitch gauge was exactly the same. The row height is of course different, but the stitches are the same. UGGGGG.....

It is such a lovely brown and it wants to become Katrina Rib, but doesn't look like it is meant to be. Guess I need to find something else to make this sweater.

I did get my order from Amazon Japan today. So at least that is some happy crafting reading for the week.

I updated the library pages:

Japanese Knitting & Crochet Books - Prince of Knitting Books - Japanese Knitting Books Wish List - Japanese Embroidery, Softies, & Sewing Books - Japanese Craft Books published in English

Here are the treasures that I picked up. Two of our friends were releasing albums in Japan last week so Mac wanted to get a copy of the albums. So then what better reason to pick up some crafting books for me.

ISBN: 4579107993
Click through

ISBN: 4579109643
Kimono Skirts
Click through

ISBN: 4579109856
Click through

ISBN: 4529035948
Party Knit
Click through

ISBN: 4277113796
Design Knits
Click through

ISBN: 427713324X
Men's Knit
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ISBN: 404853744X
Otama Life
Click through

The Otama Life book cover has to be the coolest texture I have ever felt. Imagine the feeling of those hologram cards with fine ridges. The book has a similar texture, yet feels oddly soft. I also can not begin to tell you how cute this book is. I haven't had enough time to really figure out the book, but the pictures are adorable.


  1. oooo cute stuff! I like those Jap craft books.

  2. hi Kitty :) I love the look of those Japanese craft books! :) ooooh I am jealous. I was wondering how you made sense of ordering on Amazon Japan? I have tried before with no luck... how did you order and pay for your things? Do they have a English section that I somehow haven't found? Thanks! xx