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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kitty: An online free pattern find.

So there has been a lot of talk both here at Knitbuddies and over on Crafting Japanese about all the wonderful Japanese knitting and crafting projects out on the market. I was over at the Ami Ami yarn site looking for new yarns for some projects I am thinking about. I found that they were offering some free patterns that they have posted. Some of them are truly amazing.

Here is a page of the garments that for the most part have pdf patterns if you click on the link below the object: Click Here

I kind of like the sweater here to the left. Click Here , the one to the right. Click Here. the scarves below, and here is one for all the Crochet friends

They also had two little lessons I thought might be helpful for people. A little lesson for a cute little beaded embellished bag and a lesson for a basic little tank top

Ahhhh, how I do love Asian craft patterns and designs. I only wish they were available in larger sizes. I guess I just need to get some graph paper and steal a calculator from my hubbies desk.

Sewing Eye Candy:

I was surfing around and stumbled on This new online magazine. Fritz Free Sewing Patterns

Other Thoughts:

I can not believe that as I set here safe in my home, another hurricane is hitting the east coast. Hurricane Ophelia is casting her wrath on NC and VA. I just pray all my family and friends will be safe down there.

Just makes one really treasure everyday of your life and realize how truly lucky we are at times. My grandfather use to say, "live to day as it is the last day of your life." I guess I had better get busy to do something productive today.


  1. Sorry, I haven't checked your site in awhile. Boy am I glad I stopped by today. I just downloaded three of those patterns on Ami Ami site. Now if I could just read them. Thanks Kitty Kitty for posting the link.

    MG, have you though anymore about a MG Gallery page for your works? I see a pink dot up there just waiting for it just like me. You said you were working on one a while ago, just curious what the progress is on the page.

    Thanks again and I love your blog girls!


  2. Oooh, I always love checking out the knitting patterns when I visit a Japantown. They have some wild stuff!

  3. great link - thanks kitty kitty!

    and absolutely right about the upcoming hurricane ;<

  4. Yes, lots of lovely Jap patterns :) Thanks for sharing. I've been eyeing AmiAmi for a long time.

  5. yay wonderful!! thanks for the links!