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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kitty: The Wool Gathering

Click to see all the photos from the 7th Annual Wool Gathering Show 9/17 & 9/18 at Young's Jersey Diary Farm.

Mac and I headed off this afternoon to check out The Wool Gathering here in Ohio. I guess my expectations were pretty high since my first exposure to such an event was MS&W. I know, I know, this is Ohio and not Maryland, but I have to say I was pretty disappointed.

And MG, before you ask I did try Young's Ice Cream. I think I picked a bad flavor, but the crowd was amazing. School busses just kept dumping off kids while we were standing in line. They even lost power while we were there and had to kick on the generators.

The main reason I really wanted to go was to see the display of vintage sock machines from Donna Peters. At the last moment I guess she canceled since she was moving. It was totally understandable that she didn't show up, but I must say since this was the key vendor I wanted to see. So that is probably the main reason I left so disappointed.

There was a really cool group doing reenactment crafts in renfest type costumes (creative anachronism guild). One lady from the group taught me how to use my luceet that I had picked up at MS&W in the line for the ladies room. There was also one vendor that had electric spinning wheels, but the actual person wasn't in the booth. So I just got to swoon over the machines at how really cool they look in person. We waited around for awhile because I really wanted to play with one, but no luck.

I did see the owners from The Yarn Shoppe, here in Columbus so that was funny.

We did run into some cool people. Like the girl to the right is 2005 Clark County Lamb Princess, Alissa Armstrong.

We stayed for the herding event. Where this very sweet dog convinced the 4 ducks that he knew better what they should be doing on there walk. Leading them to bridges and pools of water. I really loved the 4 ducks and there group walk.

And this little bunny really wanted to go home to see MG. She had the sweetest little face and kind little eyes. Sorry the photos are not to hot. I was a total moron and forgot the CF card for my digital camera. Mac was nice enough to capture these photos with his cell phone. It is really amazing to think that your phone could take such good photos.

And the magical question, is that no I didn't buy anything. I probably will order from one of the vendors in IN. She didn't have enough of what I wanted to buy. Also everyone seemed to only be accepting cash.



  1. Thanks for posting this! I didn't get to go this year because I'm moving, so I'm glad to see what I missed.

    I'm kind of glad I didn't kill myself to get down there, because I wanted to drop my sock machine off to get refurbished, so it looks like that would have been a bust.

    And in the "making me feel old department" if the lamb princess is who I think she is, I remember when she was born!

  2. Fun to find another Ohioan!

    I was at the Wool Gathering, kind of tucked into the corner of a friend's booth because I didn't want to sell on Saturday. I must agree that it was a little disappointing. It seems all the same old same old.

    But the duck herding is always fun. And I always want to come home with more bunnies!

  3. woops, I meant I didn't want to sell on Sunday.