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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kitty: Thoughts, Knitting, And Odd News

I sit here again with my mind glued to CNN. My production output today has been pretty miserable and all my brain cells seem to be worrying about the people in the gulf again.

People forced from there temporary homes. The fear of even more kids being misplaced. Homes, businesses and lives completely destroyed. The rise in the cost of gas. I really hope the CEO of Virgin music was serious when he said he as thinking of building a new refinery. It really is unimaginable the hardships and the lack of faith I feel in our government.

Do you get the feeling that mother nature really is not pleased with us and she is tired of putting up with the mistakes we are making?

Enough ranting.... sorry

So here is proof that there really is knitting going on here in Westerville. Here is the first sock in a pair of house socks for myself. I used Lorna's Shepherd Sport in colour 105 Glenwood. It feels so amazing, though there is no way that I could get this sock in my shoe I must admit. I came up with my own pattern since I couldn't find a pattern that I really liked that took into account someone that had chubby legs. So I used a combination of lace, ribbing, and cables. I will get a better photo once I block and wash the sock.

Here is the sweater that seems to be taking forever. I am making the white phildar sweater with those amazing sleeves. The Silk City Cotton from Elann is amazingly soft. (Check out the dress MG) I am in love with the fabric. I am just not a big fan of tiny needles I am afraid.

And lookie lookie. Tux has proclaimed I have finally found stark white yarn in the correct gauge for Mac's sweater. WOHO!!!!! It has been an almost 8 month search for the perfect yarn. I just hope he likes it, cotton and cashmere how could he not?

News of the odd:

The first hurricane to be named during WWII was Able.

Recently I was at a dinner party and we had a lengthy discussion about what they do when they run out of names for Hurricanes. One gentleman at the party was convinced that the WMO picks 13 names a year and then it goes to the greek alphabet for names of hurricanes. None of us could counter this, but we also couldn't remember a time when we ran out of names and went to hurricane Alpha. We were all really puzzled by the question of what will happen and how are names picked.

Well it looks like we are running our of names for hurricanes this year. The WMO picks 21 names (the letters q, u, x, y and z are not used), and then they go to the Greek Alphabet. The names are recycled every 6 years with the memorable names being retired each year. Names from 1950's - 78 were all female names, but were changed to both male and female since the '79. But Jason was completely right about going to the Greek Alphabet after hurricane Wilma. (Stan, Tammy, Vince, Wilma are left)

Lets just hope we don't get to hurricane Alpha this year. :(


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I love the Tux shot. I take it he uses Linux?