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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kitty: Sharing Viyella Cuteness

Remember back at may I found an amazing needle gauge tool for my mom's, mothers day gift. Well I found out that there is actually a sewing tool kit with the two children playing over a spool of yarn. Well I haven't been able to find any of the other tools yet, but I was able to find a box of yarn for her birthday gift. The box was from 1908, so the needle gauge may date earlier than I had originally thought. The box isn't in that great of condition but it is amazing to find any yarn advertising merchandise from the period.

There are a couple other gifts that I got her for her birthday, but she had to have a crafty item. Here is a washcloth that I knit her that was inspired by the class that I took from Maggie Jackson. I thought it was appropriate since I used my birthday money to pay for the class I took.

I kind of shutter showing my washcloth, but I am really proud at how it turned out. I guess a recent conversation that I had with a fellow knitter keeps running through my mind. She commented that she was so tired of hearing about yet another washcloth. So I won't discuss it anymore just share the photo with you. :) I just adore Maggie Jackson's philosophy of stitch combinations.


  1. i like your washcloth...i for one like doing wash or dishcloths between projects just because it's a quick-knit and is useful too...i'm thinking of doing a bunch for christmas gifties....

  2. Debbie, I must agree with you. I think discloths and washcloths are a great gift to receive.

    Thanks so much Natasha for your kind words. :)

  3. wow, it's beautiful! i love dishcloths and washcloths, i guess i'm not cool. but we knew that. :-)

    anyway, that stitch combination is wonderful. you can do so many things with washcloths -- the textures, colourwork, etc. and you're so right -- they make wonderful gifts!

  4. Hi I've posted a comment on a really old post asking about the stitch pattern on your beautiful scarf, not sure if you have seen it since it's such an old post! This one here


    Would love to know what it is! xx Lee

  5. oops sorry my email address is lee.taylor(AT)boursedata.com.au - it didn't come out on my post.

  6. oh, i love your washcloth! in general, i think washcloths are awesome, but yours in particular really stands out. reminds me of a pattern in the newest vogue knitting (http://www.vogueknitting.com/vkm/preview/2005/holiday/VICTORIAN4.shtml), so sweet looking! love it.