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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kitty: Chibi Love

Chibi Love, pure and simple! So who doesn't love clover's Chibi. I was reading over at Knitterly Things , to check on Vesper Sock yarn, and saw that Clover has a new colour. Look at that lovely see through Orange Chibi that I just got from the Clover USA site.

Pink Chibi - Five sewing needles with large eyes
(Thanks again Mona )
Orange Chibi - 2 No. 12 Tapestry needles and 1 No. 15 Tapestry needle
Teal Chibi - 2 Darning Needles
(Be warned the USA site shows a pink chibi with tapestry needles, but I sadly received a teal chibi instead. I wrote the company to complain, but I haven't heard back about the matter.)


  1. Wow! I love the orange one! Something else I just absolutely "need".

  2. I like the orange chibi. But to have 2 pink chibis in the house is really special!!

    ps - I owe you a nice long email now that you have come up for air!