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Monday, November 28, 2005

MG: if i knit it, it will pool

someone dear to me sent a kpixie care-package of Artyarns Ultramerino 4 and surina wood DPNs because they knew my holiday weekend would be a bit lonesome. it made me feel loved and missed.

upon receipt, i immediatedly rolled up a center-pull ball, swatched, and casted on--socks for me! the DPNs are 2mms (US 0), i.e. really small; no, really really really small. my hands felt like they were making kebabs instead of knitting. it took me a while to learn their ways, but now i have this:

1st try at gratitude 114

happy as i am, i think there will be frogging (yes, again) and restarting. the positions of the 1x4 ribbing need adjustment, but mostly, the fabric is working up a bit stiff for me. what do you think? those of you with ultramerino 4 experience, will going up a needle size or two give me softer socks?

i'd like to declare satisfaction for adding the sock-knitting-with-skewers-rite-of-passage to my knitting bag.


  1. I like the color,I don't know if going up a size will soften the feel, Cool water with a little fabric softner will help some, try it on your swatch.

  2. You will get used to the size 0s. I do all of mysocks on 0s.

  3. If you are concerned about pooling, you can alternate knitting with both ends of the ball of yarn... that way, you'll get more mixing up of the colours. Also, you could pick a pattern (maybe like the Jaywalker sock, or feather & fan, or Knitty's Broadripple sock) that will move the pools of colour around a bit.

    Sometimes moving up a needle size will make the fabric softer (less stiff)...

  4. I think the pooling is kind of neat -- sort of a lightning effect!