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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kitty: Holiday Knitting

(click on any of the above for larger photos, go on!)
The Specs:
Pattern: By Yours Truly
Yarn: Rowan Chunky Cotton Chenille (Elann) & Maggie's Ireland Rag (The Yarn Shoppe)
Needles: Lantern Moon US 13
Completion time: 5 hours

Happy Holiday Knitting!

I snuck in some much needed R&R this past holiday weekend. Not as much as I would have liked, but hey I will take any I can get. After looking back it does seem like I got in a lot of knitting.

First of all is my new winter shawl. I had been really inspired by Stefanie Japel's City Shawl, but something really wasn't me with her pattern. I didn't think I was really the triangular shawl type and I thought in the long run it was a little plain. With all the amazing lace shawl patterns out there I wanted something with a little more interest, but it also had to be fast and simple. I really liked the thought of finishing something I could wear by Monday.

So my shawl is a combination of the simple aspects of the City Shawl, with the stitch interest of Maggie Jackson, and a little bit of me thrown in.

I also finally got around to working on the brown phildar sleeve and starting the next sleeve. I just want to be done with the sweater. I just hope it works out in the end.


  1. that shawl is gorgeous!! i love the colors used and wow, it's just amazing. you must must post your modifications to the glampyre pattern. or send them to me - the whole thing is just so great looking. go you!


  2. So you have been doing something other than working all of the time over the past month or so. I like it!!!

  3. I second Andrea, the shawl is gorgeous! I would love a copy of the pattern if you are working one up.

  4. boy, is that lovely! so elegant...and the yarn texture and stitch pattern complement each other so well.

  5. Hi,
    I just love your shawl. Would you have the pattern to give out??? I would love to make one.....