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Friday, December 02, 2005

kitty: Holiday New Project

Blech... The thrill of finding something new for all those Christmas and New Year parties. There are times when I wish the just through on a black suit option worked well for women as it does men. Yes, I know there is always the standard black dress, but really it gets old after awhile now doesn't it. And it is not like you can just wear the same black dress, people start to notice. (Ok... I hate to shop for clothing for myself. Others I am more than happy to find really good deals and awesome finds, but myself forget about it. I will end up crying in the store.)

So thanks to the gals at Kpixie and the wonderful Felicia from Sweetgeorgia it is all starting to come together for that holiday outfit. I still think I need to find a few other options for colour combinations for the sleeves. The Hemp looks a little out of place in its stripe. But lets be honest if I am going to pull this off I had best get my needles flying.

I got the idea to do the colour block combination inspired by Meiji Era Pieced Festival Kimono and Juban. Where they would take fragments of precious old garments of past loved one and piece them together into special garments to be passed down again.

So I have chosen precious yarns to substitute for the silk fragments. I even hope to topstitch the different section with white running stitches to give it that pieced appearance.


  1. Preeeettyy. I like it!

    Did you draw that schematic? If so, what did you use to produce it? I'm trying to figure out the best way to draw them for things I'm designing.

  2. I lurve your color combination. Warm colors. It'll be great!

    - MJ

  3. Wow!!!!! I can not wait to see it done. And you must post the pattern.