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Thursday, December 22, 2005

MG: eeeeeeeeee!!!!!

guess what i did on the longest (astronomical) night of the year? i spun ON MY OWN WHEEL! my ridiculously generous family blew me away with this (!!!) yesterday.

my little lendrum is a single-treadle (i learned on a single-treadle Ashford Joy, and my left foot enjoys being tucked under me). i love, luv, lurve my wheel; it's an amazingly well constructed piece of machinery--simple, smooth, and sleek. unscrew a knob, screw on two knobs, set two bands, and the wheel is ready to spin. i love the hinged back maiden mechanism: easy bobbin changing yet sturdy. i luuuuuuuuuuuurve my lendrum. teeheehee.

i've been traveling a bit. left berkeley two saturdays ago and just now getting comfy in ohio. photo access is not yet set up, so you are being tortured w/ eye-candy-less blogging.

last week was NYC, where, of course, a couple of yarn stores were involved. oodles of fun was had at Habu and The Point. Habu was conducting fancy photography with a whole basket of swatches. word is they are setting up an online shopping cart!

thank you so much for your comments about Karenina and for cheering on the little red footie. a special thanks to those who delurked; i was touched. i think you guys were right; it was just all the stress and pressure. therefore, i hate to confess... the very night after i wrote that post... in a fit of trying to feel like i have things in order... i frogged the footie. :( it will be reknitted, really, i promise.

when i can, i repsond to comments by email. i usually click on the links you leave and try to find email addresses (b/c blogger doesn't take email addresses. argh). however, i'm appallingly behind, so give me a little time and please excuse my rudeness. Anabel, thank you for all your lovely comments. wish i could write back directly. your blogger profile is diabled; do you have a blog i can visit?

off to catch up on blogs! and spin spin spin.


  1. oh yayyyyy! how excellent ~ couldn't happen to a nicer spinner ;) so wow wow go you, yay. (eloquent, aren't i? ;) )

    you must be waking up with a smile, hip hip hoorah. show up some pics asap!

    so happy for you, meow girl ;)

  2. Congratulations on your new wheel! Wow, you're going to have sooo much fun!

    - MJ