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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kitty: Crochet Treasure and Clover Scarf

I think we all have those special garment throughout our lives that we have held on to an treasure more than anything in the world; a first recital dress, a prom dress, a baby outfit, or a special hand made garment made by someone who loved us enough to spend countless hours to make something special. Well, here is one of my most treasured garments that my mom crocheted for me. I wore it to death in highschool and it always made me feel so loved when I wore it. It is made out of a silk and linen and has held up amazingly well given how much I use to wear it. Though it does live a very kind life now wrapped in acid free paper in an acid free box.

See I wasn't lying; my mother really is an amazing crocheter. :)

Through all my trials and tribulations over my first crochet project since I was a little kid doing granny squares I asked my mom where she learned. For some reason I thought she learned from my Great Grandmother S, but it turns out she was left-handed and my mom couldn't see to learn. She just got a book at Woolworth and taught herself through lots of practice. The coolest thing is that she still has my Great Grandmother's hooks.

The Specs:
Pattern: Clover Scarf - Tutorial at Crafter.org
Yarn: Chunky Hand painted Cotton Chenille MS&W
Needles: Size 5 crochet hook
Completion time: 8 hours



  1. That sweater is an heirloom. I love it and the clover scarf.

  2. How did you wrap the scarf so it looks like a caplet? How adorable!

    The sweater that your mom made looks amazing and so sweet that you kept it and shared it with us.


  3. I actually remember seeing you wear this sweater when you were in High school. (Thank you for making me feel old.) I always thought your mother was so cleaver and smart when she made it for you. Hope she is well and your Aunt Linda. We all miss the store in Roanoke.

  4. that looks really special and unique! way to go! :D

  5. Hi Rae,

    Thanks so much for posting, always cool to know someone from my past has found my blog. I am really ashamed to admit that "Rae" doesn't ring a bell. I guess it is time for my age and my lack of memory to show, sorry.

    So any hints of your identity?

    Thanks for asking about my mom and Linda. They are both doing well. And I really agree I miss the store like you wouldn't believe since I have started knitting again.

    Have a great weekend and thanks again.

    Kitty Kitty