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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

MG: restless

my lendrum still hasn't been able to join me in berkeley. i'm restless, especially with all the beautiful | spindling and spinning in the blogosphere.

winding yarn onto my spindle has always felt awkward, never found a neat and sensible way to suit me. when i read Eunny's post on the nostepinne, neurons fired simultaneously. i'm winding onto the spindle like a nostepinne. not sure i'm doing it correctly; need more practice.

knitting a cabled cap for someone whose favorite words include sammich and bulbous. i think there are color issues with the photo. the yarn is elann's Peruvian Highland Chunky in Chocolate Truffle and Tranquil Lagoon (medium slate blue with red heathery bits).

i didn't realize until i was knitting this hat... until i was making crosses with my little yellow cabling needle... cabling makes me feel loved. when i was eight or nine, my mom took an introductory knitting class and took me with her. i got to play with needles and yarn and books and learn along her side.

i don't know what it was about cables, but they apparently captured my attention. one night, supposed to be asleep, i huddled up in bed with various materials and taught myself how to cable from a book. i knitted for hours, happy and mesmerized... until i heard someone shuffling towards my room. i quickly pulled my covers over everything and pretended to be asleep. mom walked in, saw right through me and the big lump i was hiding.

mad i was still up, mad because she suspected i was up to trouble, she tugged back the covers and found my little swatch. she forgot to be angry; instead, she--amazed and with a hint of pride--asked me to show her how to make those cables.


  1. Cables are magic, what a neat story about your mom!

  2. hmm, thanks for the nostepinne link - i'd been wondering how those things work. ;)

    how sad about your wheel! when are you getting it back? i hope soon soon.

    and that's a sweet story about your mom and cables. ;)

  3. Wow--that spindle spun looks lovely! My spindle spun always look like my first spindle spun...


  4. Such a sweet story about your mom and cables! :)

    I really don't understand how you are wrapping the spindle. I read the reference but it doesn't make any sense to me.


  5. wow :) what a cool thing to happen! koudos to ur mom! Cables look good

  6. Avast ye lily-livered lamb-lovin landlubbers! Ye'll not be gettin back yer wheel until ye pays the ransom! Doubloons aplenty! --Cap'n Bulbous and his pirate crew

  7. ROFL!!! OH NO, Not the wheel! How dare the pirates hold it ransom? Do we need to start a collection chest to temp the pirates away. Shinny baubles are always better than wood ole jolly pirate.

    Now seriously... Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the story. It is really to sweet for words. Did you often get caught late at night with the lights on at bedtime?