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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kitty: new project

A couple of weeks ago Little Purl of the Orient posted a list of scarves she really liked. One of the links that she linked to was this amazing Clover Scarf she saw on another site, Expiration Date.

After seeing the site yesterday ( Brown sweater, Red sweater, Squiggle chain stitches vest, Marble sweater) I decided that I really had to start the Clover Scarf right then and now. Mom, I am really sorry I didn't pay more attention when you were teaching me to crochet as a kid, but this project is proving I am not a hooker. I don't know what it is but after crocheting one row of the pattern my wrists kill, like when I practiced the piano to much killing.

I am using a hand painted chenille yarn, not the best for clean stitch definition, but also is covering up my mistakes which I am sure there are tons of. Why didn't I pay attention as a kid? I really adore the scarf, lets hope I can make something close.


  1. Very cool, I had seen that link on Little Purl of the Orient as well. I thought that scarf was amazingly cool.

    Must go click through the site you linked.

    Thanks have a great weekend. Looking forward to Monday's recipe. :)

  2. Just Takes Practice