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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

kitty: I bought a wheel! I bought a wheel!

I bought a wheel! I bought a wheel! And it Spins Like Butter!

My ability to work in visiting Carolina Homespun was really in question until we actually landed in San Fran on Thursday. Our flight was an hour and forty-five minutes late so we missed our lunch and afternoon meetings. So that opened up the door to work in Carolina Homespun into our schedule. Yippee! I had a fear that I would only have about an hour to find the store and test wheels. Luckily, MG was able to rush to the city as M and I stuffed our face full of sushi at Dragon Boat Sushi since we had had nothing to eat since the night before. Then we headed off to find a little hidden treasure, Carolina Homespun.

So I got to test three wheels; Louët S10 Spinning Wheels, Majacraft Suzie Professional Wheel, and Lendrum Original Spinning Wheels.

To be honest I had my heart basically set on the Louet. I loved the esthetics of the wheel since it really fit the style of my home. I love the lines, the cleanness. and the plainness of the design. A real piece of art in my opinion. Alas, the wheel was not meant for me. I sat at the wheel lost, it was in charge, and I had no idea what or how to even get started. You could really tell the machine was a true workhorse; it is in charge one way or another. I on the other hand was shaking, trying to figure out even how to get it to go clockwise was difficult, and I kept breaking the thread time after time. I was not comfortable at all. Even excluding everyone staring at me in a small space. :)

The Lendrum on the other hand was a true delight. I had a crash course in spinning on Christmas Eve on MG's wheel. So I was somewhat familiar with the wheel. So after struggling on the Louet it was like going back to an old friend. The Lendrum was definitely my second choice. I think I would have been really happy with the wheel.


Then there was the Majacraft Suzie Professional Wheel, and it spun like butter! Oh Me, Oh My! After getting the right chair height and MG adjusting the tension for me I was at home. I was spinning, carrying on a conversation looking away even, and producing yarn. I even adored the sound the wheel made. It had some strange relaxing effect on me instantly.

Its funny, I had fallen in love with the Majacraft Suzie Professional Wheel, when I first saw Felicia at Sweet Georgia post about it. That was all I talked about to MG about for weeks. Then I was really worried about it after Felicia posted about her test experience. I do see what she said about the vibration on the delta flyer, but that went away when the tension was adjusted and the head was tilted to the left for me. Then the roving just flew out of my hands.

Then there came the final decision to buy it. M decided that it was the wheel I needed. He said I just looked like I was at home and at ease. I did say it "spun like butter." So Merry Christmas to me. :)

I am so happy! So in two weeks a little wheel will be leaving New Zealand and on it's way to more doorstep. I cannot wait. I have roving that is calling my name. Good thing the Knitting Olympics will be over.

Merlin's traveling buddy who came out to help. :( I can not remember his name, but he was so adorable and sweet. Check out the roving above it must be a kitties dream come true.

PS. Thank you everyone that was kind enough to give me your valuable advice on wheels. It really did help and I really do appreciate all the information. Thank You so much! :)


  1. i have a suzie (not the professional), and i have to tell you- you made the right choice. i LOOOOVE my wheel. love. enjoy yours!

  2. congrats meowgirl!! yay ;)

    i've been eyeing the suzie lately as well - always thought if it'd be a majacraft, it'd be a rose, but woah, that suzie is a nice nice wheel. fancy, indeed!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Isn't it nice to find a wheel that you love and will love using?! How exciting. I think we may have test-driven the same Louet. I didn't like it either! =)

  4. wheels are such beautiful objects - i'll have to give it a try sometime. the fiber is so gorgeous...

  5. Wow, congratulations on the new wheel! I looked into (another) one after Wendy posted about her purchase. You have a fabulous wheel. And the green is gorgeous!

    - MJ