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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

kitty: Falling way behind

I fear MG is not the only one falling behind on her knitting olympics entry, but I am much much further behind. :( I have a good reason; Sunday night I had just had an amazing Chinese full body Massage and hardly had muscles control to walk back to my hotel room and Monday night I was on a miserable flight back to Columbus. So really good reasons to be slacking, but wow the numbers to get dubious on MG spreadsheet for the days to come to finish. I also realize that I will probably have to add a few more pattern sets since I went way down on the needle size. Since the pattern only calls for 7 more full repeats (7 more white lines). I fear it will be to small.

It was so cool casting on with MG during the opening ceremony. She came up to the city and we sat in my hotel room watching the opening ceremony and snacking on Japanese Pastries. It was our own little olympic knitbuddies party. I was so happy that it worked out that way. It also set our stamina to go full strong that night. MG, I fear we may need to spend the weekend together knitting to get this done. :)


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