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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

MG: faltering

this knitting olympian was struck with flagging stamina yesterday. above is the graphical representation of my waning fortitude. diagonal line marks the gold medal pace (2063 stitches a day for fifteen days; the last day for blocking). circles are actual running totals--dipped to 1200 below pace on the fourth day. pink bars indicate number of stitches completed for that particular day.

you can see the pink bars getting shorter. was a big slacker yesterday; only knitted 712 stitches. total target was 8252, only had 7033. but that's 22.7% of my shawl completed. and my spreadsheet tells me i have to knit only 1992.67 stitches a day from now on in order to finish knitting on the 16th day. need second wind.


  1. Hello, delurking from over here in SF to say hey, you can do it! Hard to have a good start on a project in its beginnings but keep at it! Love how you are keeping track of what you have knit - hmm I may do that for lace projects too.


  2. hi Terry--over in SF! thank you for cheering me on!!

    it's fun for me to keep track; it also keeps me out of the motivation-blackhole that is neverending increased rows.

    thanks again!