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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MG: olympic pace

Kitty Kitty has been in town. we made a beeline for Carolina Homespun to be enveloped by wheels, spindles, fiber tools, and nice fiber-people. Kitty Kitty bought a wheel! she bought a wheel! she'll tell you all about it, but guess which one. it's fancy!

friday night we watched the olympic opening ceremony and started our Kiris together. it's giggly fun to knit the same pattern while occupying the same room. which row are you on? which repeat? abbreviated answers understood. pastry break!

currently at a gold medal pace; hope i have the discipline to continue in this fashion. fingers and wrists are a little stiff; lots of stretching and wiggling and massaging.

a peek at my plied wensleydale. crinkly b/c i haven't yet a feel for amount of twist near the navajo-ply knots. i was heartbroken at first, but it's growing on me.

turin/torino/turino was confusing me so i googled. torino is the name of the city in italian; turin is the english exonym. from what i was able to surmise, piemontese (Ethnologue & wikipedia), the local language of the area, names the city with something more like Turin--the first vowel ([y]; umlaut u; french "u") being one that doesn't exist in english. the italian "o" is also different than the english "o." as is often true with tranlastions and borrowings, names are layers of connections and developments. not sure where turino comes from. links and discussion on this topic here.


  1. Yay for Carolina Homespun and Kitty Kitty! Can't wait to see the wheel!

    And by the way, I LOVE the spreadsheet geekiness. I modified it to work with the Peacock Feathers Shawl (hopefully you don't mind!) and I'm loving it... although, I'm not speeding along at gold medal pace like you are!

  2. ooh, a new wheel! yay kitty kitty ;)
    hmm, is it a majacraft? or a schact?

    and go you, mewogril, on the pace - amazing! i bet it looks fab.