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Thursday, February 09, 2006

MG: trained

ready for a knitting event palpable enough to be heard on NPR (link via Kat with a K). ready to click my needles knowing hundreds are clicking with me.

training swatch made. other than a too tight bind-off, it makes me smile. i love this pattern (Kiri shawl PDF on left sidebar at All Tangled Up). wanted this chance to knit something i would otherwise not knit, something beautiful, something impractical for me. wanted to follow a pattern. wanted to knit knit knit, without thinking, just for the feel of knitting.

30,945 stitches in 16 days for this languid little knitter. even if i knit not a stitch for the first 5 days, i can still finish with 2813.18 stitches a day. knitting Kiri? spreadsheet here: open office or excel.


  1. wow, you are so prepared! i'm totally cheering you on - go meowgirl! ;)

    and kiri is a beautiful pattern to boot, yay.

  2. Ok, I profess to be an Excel Spreadsheet Geek, but sister, you have me beat. And I love you for it.

  3. Hi! Just came over from Yarn Harlot and wondered where you had the time planned for sewing in loose ends and seaming. Then realized that you are sanely making a shawl, not a freaking map of the world intarsia sweater. Ah, well, a challenge is a challenge. Lovely lace, lovely swatch.

  4. i opened it, but i'm not sure how to use it? do I type something in the done column? I feel so stupid.

  5. hi Gina: it's nice to receive love from a fellow spreadsheet geek. thanks!

    Bonnie: thanks for the kind comments about my swatch. i admit it's good to not worry about seaming and weaving for the olympics. good luck with your sweater!

    Janine: no need to feel stupid. i had originally created the spreadsheet for just Kitty Kitty and me, so the design is a bit cryptic.

    i like ticking off the "done" column as i go. put whatever you'd like in that box--x, the date, the day, whatever. it helps me keep track of where i am in the pattern and also gives me a sense of accomplishment. :)

    at the end of the day, go to the last row you ticked off, find the "total stitches" of that row, and enter that number (don't copy and paste; there is a formula there) into the "running total" column in the bottom table.

    for example, looking at the chart of my feb 14th post, by the end of day 3 i had completed up to 5th repeat of chart 2, 5th row. the "running total" for that row is "6321." once i enter that number into the bottom table, the chart recalculates. it tells me i knitted "1618" stitches that day. it also tells me that starting on the 4th day (next line), i have to knit "1894.15" stitches a day in order to finish knitting on the 16th day.

    sorry this got so wordy. let me know if you have anymore questions. our email is knitbuddies at gmail dot com.