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Monday, February 06, 2006

Kitty: It's official I sent in my email to sign up.

So to quote Eunny, "So, this obscure Canadian blogger, whose name I can't seem to remember just this minute (Fiber Tart? Wool Strumpet? Something like that), has come up with a fun play-along-at-home game for knitters." (I am still laughing so hard at that line; I just had to include it. Eunny is certainly an inspiration to us all, just check out the amazing vest she just finished. Every day I stop buy to visit I am seem to leave in total amazement. Oh, and if you are feeling brave look at the shawl she is going to knit.) Yep, you guessed it I too have signed up for the Knitting Olympics, 2500 and growing now. (Mg's name is already on the list of names. WOHO!!!!!!)

So I have really been a wuss about signing up. I have wanted to ever since I saw Stephanie's post, but what to knit. I really wanted to knit a shawl, but with yarn from my stash. I am pretty new to the lace-knitting group so the pattern had to be simple, but not boring. My first pick was birch, but I swatched just about every lace weight I owned and they all look limp, lifeless, boring, and lets face it ugly. Birch I do believe is one of those patterns that needs kid silk haze, there are to many airy spots that needed fuzz.

Mg, knew right away what she wanted to knit. I must admit that I was really jealous she was so determined from the very beginning what project was for her. Kiri was calling her name.

So, big confession time, I am a big copy cat... meow.... meow.... prrrrrrrrrrrrr... Mg and I are going to knit the same pattern as our project, our own little knitbuddies entry. I am so excited about knitting the same pattern with her. Though there is certainly a sense of guilt that I am also doing the same project that she is doing. Mg was such an inspiration for me to do this pattern and I thank her.

Check out my swatch.. I guess I had better stop knitting it though; the pattern is just so addictive. I have to pull out to start on friday. The big question will be, do I take my lace knitting to San Fran with me on thursday to cast on during the opening ceremony? I have this fear of all those stitches falling off the needles in my luggage. hmmmmmmmmm what to do.... what to do.... Maybe my event doesn't start until tuesday.

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