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Sunday, February 19, 2006

kitty: Thanks for tagging me Nice and Lucy

Thanks nice and lucy, I got tagged ! I always feel really honored when I get tagged. I think they are such a blast to do. So here goes:

4 jobs I've had
- special effects artist for the film and video game industry
- web designer / project manager / slacky
- lingerie designer and club drag designer
- owned a chinese restaurant

4 movies I can watch over and over
- any Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy movie - Naughty Marietta (1935) - Rose-Marie (1936) - Maytime (1937) - Sweethearts (1938) - Smilin' Through (1941) - I Married an Angel (1942) - New Moon (1940) - The Girl of the Golden West (1938) - and The Phanotm of the Opera (1943)
- any Harrison Ford Tom Clancy movie
- any Merchant Ivory production movie
- My Neighbor Totoro or Kiki Delivery Girl

4 places I've lived
- Westerville/Columbus/Delaware, Ohio
- Chicago, IL
- Roanoke/Richmond/Northern, VA

4 TV shows
- Original CSI
- Sex and the City
- Super Chef and Iron Chef (original not the crap American one)
- any current Japanese Anime (preferably vampire, witch, detective, cooking, or dating sim theme)

4 places I've visited (in order of how much I wanna go back)
- Miami (It was 12 F this morning.)
- San Francisco
- Seattle

4 of my favourite dishes
- Morimoto's omakase at Morimoto Restaurant in Philadelphia
- salt grilled steak / mushroom infused steak / southern fried steak
- any good sushi (Ok... lets be honest any good Japanese or Taiwanese food)
- anything made with european chocolate

4 sites I visit daily
- usedbookcentral - they don't charge there dealers commission so much better used book deals
- sweet georgia
- see eunny knit!
- mellow trouble

4 places I would rather be
- at a onsen in a remote area of Japan (good food and natural hot spring, could a girl ask for more)
- London (If it is going to be rainy and gray might as well be someplace pretty)
- in bed knitting and cuddling with the kitties and hubby
- soaking in the jacuzzi and snacking on Japanese snacks

four bloggers I'm tagging
I know this one has been around for awhile so I don't know who has been tagged already. So to not embarrass myself I'm skipping it, but if you haven't already done it consider yourself tagged. :)


  1. awww, so sweet! i love your site too - i think it totally rocks and check it all the time.. ;)

    lingerie designer?! woohoo, that's sassy. cool jobs.

  2. hey I agree... TOTALLY cool jobs! what variety! :)

    I also love My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service.. actually I hadn't seen Kiki until recently when it was actually on free-to-air TV here.. but I loved it so much! I don't know why... a friend of mine who is a huge Miyazaki fan didn't like it at all... but I kind of like those early ones. They're more innocent or something... Howls Moving Castle and other more recent ones are a little more sinister maybe?... Anyway... glad you liked that meme :) Hope it didn't distract you too much from the Olympics! xx