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Monday, February 20, 2006

MG: extra day?

i like the corrugated, egg-carton-y, waffle-y configuration that is pre-blocked lace. elastic little hills--where does it get the memory to do that? why does a bath make it forget?

olympic kiri still on track--19,203 stitches knitted at the end of day 9. that's 62.06 percent done and 636 stitches ahead of gold medal pace.

but i just opened my calendar to note the closing day of the olympics, counted, and... there are actually 17 days to the olympics... right? 10th to the 26th--endpoints inclusive--means there are 17 days to knit, right? am i counting wrong? an extra day! interesting! but what does it mean?!?!

shouldn't have the tape measurer so far back; not very good for scale then. closeup here. yarn FO specs:

fiber: Blue Moon Spinnery, 100% Wensleydale, Guardian of Spirit (handpainted violets, plums and pinks). singles: spun over the fold thinly and smoothly, low-twist (sometimes too low, breakage during plying), large sections of various single colors. ply: 3-ply, navajo-plied to preserve sections of color, overzealously plied resulting in knotty, crinkly yarn. gauge: 12 WPI (worsted) to 28 WPI (crazy lace), most of it around 17-19 WPI (fine fingering).

wound winegum into an american-football-styled ball with a nostepinne, well... extremely large, wooden knitting needle used as a nostepinne that is. Rose, when i blogged about winding my drop spindle like a nostepinne a while back, you asked how it worked. i found more links for you (icanspin has a video and woolery has photos). it can be hard to envision; grab some yarn and a thick stick of any kind and try it. it's nifty.

i swatched from the yuckier, knottier end of the yarn, then i had to start something with a 1x1 rib. knitting with my own handspun is spoingy, squooshy, and hypnotic.


  1. i love that the ball of yarn looks like an egg - like maybe the piece will just hatch out of it!

  2. hee, what cute imagery. i've also been told it looks like an olive. :)

    i like the shape a lot; it's fun to manhandle.