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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

MG: disciplined?

olympic knitting still on track. 23,019 stitches knitted by the end of day 11--74.39% complete. there was chance for a stall yesterday. the thought of winding 440 yards of laceweight and joining a new ball inconspiciously is the sort of thing that could cause dread, languishing, and procastination. but i did it, and i love a newly hand-wound, center-pull ball. spherical and poofy.

i'm surprised at my own olympic progress. i guess i think of myself as apt to fail at such things--lotophagous procrastinator; indolent. but here i am meeting the task. on pace. 7926 stitches/25.61% of kiri remaining.

didn't realize i could be such a productive knitter, that i could be happy knitting so much. lots of knitting stimulates more knitting. almost ready to cast off on the front piece of my handspun project. there is enough left for a back piece i think!

heartbroken by: Fresh Air interview with Sonia Nazario on the children of central america who make the trek--alone--into the US to find their moms. 48,000 children a year make this trip in unimaginable conditions.

buoyed by: The World's micro finance report-connecting individual donations and loans to small projects and businesses in developing countries.

fascinated and disturbed by: All Things Considered story-extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may cause trees to drink less water leading to wetter soil climates.

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  1. gosh, everything is gorgeous. so much wonderful texture. they remind me of mary walker phillips' work.

    thanks for the great links, too.