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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

kitty: happy days, happy days! well almost a happy day

Happy Days, Happy Days, well almost! Look what came today in the mail.
Isn't it so pretty and green!!

Today would be one of the happiest days, if only I had instructions on how to assemble my new wheel. So sadly I have to look at the box until my instructions arrive from New Zealand. :'( I am not sure, but this may be worse than wondering when it would arrive. They also didn't include enough screws to assemble it either. All and all I am still a sad, kitty kitty.

Though it is so so very pretty and I am so excited to get to spinning.


  1. Oh, joy! But oh, what a fugup on their end! I hope you'll be able to spin by the end of the (next) week. Whee!

    - MJ

  2. yayyyyy! how exciting ~ ~

    and ahh, the agony of waiting for instructions. but at least you can pet the pretty wheel. ;)

    and it's YOURS! yay!

  3. Joy, joy, joy!!! A pretty new Kiwi wheel has arrived. Are you sure you can't find the irecitons online somewhere?