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Monday, March 13, 2006

kitty:thinking of spring or spinning?

If I only had a wheel I would be in business! 3lbs of practice roving just waiting and a cute little Lazy Kate :'( I had this fear that my wheel would get here before I had something to use, but alas I get to spy out the door each afternoon in hopes the mail lady is good to me. I want my wheel now, please!

Been Thinking Spring! Pantone Fashion Colour Report Spring 2006

French Vanilla Sand Dollar
Blue Tint Cameo Pink
Lily Green Skyway
Viola Melon
Clove Deep Ultramarine


  1. awww, hurry up wheel!!!!

    the fiber looks delish, though ;)

  2. So sad!!! Do I see knitbuddies colors for spring?

  3. So So very sad! Hurry up wheel!!!!

  4. Poop,it hasn't come yet!!!! Hasn't it been since early Feb. You must have ants in your pants at mail time of day.