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Saturday, March 25, 2006

kitty: Thanks MG

Thanks MG!

When they are handing out golden hallo's for knitbuddies, MG needs to get in line twice this month. I was having um, a little bit of an anxiety attack with my new wheel. I felt like I had waited so long to get a wheel that what I was spinning had to do be perfect. It had to look like yarn and behave like yarn. The crinkly mess that unrolled itself I was not satisfied with and the problem only was compounding itself. So MG was sweet enough to talk me through it on a speaker phone. :) So this is also the product of her accomplishment as well.

I have to be realistic, this is only the 5th time I have sat down at a wheel. The first time was on MG's wheel where I got my first crash course in spinning on a wheels on Christmas Eve. Then the three wheels I tested at Carolina Homespun in february. So here is my end product from my very first night of spinning on my wheel.

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