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Friday, March 24, 2006

kitty: M shop classes did come in handy

Success! Success! Guess what came in the mail today. I am so EXCITED and I just can not hide it. Yeah, M and I put my wheel together. Though really the instructions that I have waited for more than a week were less than helpful. Hello, 5,6.7.8 is the normal sequence of numbering items not 5,7,8. They show a picture on 7 of what the wheel should look like so the decided not to included the 6th step and the 11th step should have been before the 10th.

But that is ancient history now. I am a proud and happy owner of a new wheel. Though MG, HELP!


  1. yay! yay!

  2. Now tell the truth, how much help did M really provide? And I have a pile of fiber with your name on it. Is M really ready for the roving to start spreading all over the house?

    And guess who I am meeting tomorrow?? More detials later...

  3. that's one good looking wheel!! Congratulations