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Thursday, March 23, 2006

kitty: just a little fo update

Wow, I keep setting and admiring MG lovely new sock photo. I can not believe how far she has come from the early stranded on an isle practice cuff. Not that I wasn't amazed by her little cloud like floats back then. Her new socks are just so amazingly cool. She keeps telling me that colour work is not as scary as I fear it to be, but I am really not convinced. Maybe eventually, just not right now. I am a wuss and I know it. Though Eunny's pink argyle socks are enough to make a girl swoon about colour work and maybe even try to pick out colours on ami ami.

The Specs:
Pattern: Deep Rib V-Neck ADRIENNE VITTADINI® Fall 2004
Yarn: Maggie Ireland Merino Aran Colour #3
Needles: Size US 8 Circular Addi Turbo/Broken and Size US 8 Quicksilver

Well, I have taken countless photos of my most recent FO, but cloudy Ohio weather and a black sweater are not prone to good photos I fear. So here is what the finished project it suppose to look like.

My sweater ended up a lot larger than I had planned for it to be. So it has more the feeling of a cuddly boyfriend sweater that you stole from him to be able to capture his smell. Than the cute fitted v-neck that I had hoped it to be.

Up until I finished with the neckband I must be honest I was ready to frog the entire sweater, but I fell in love with how the neckline finished up and it turned a plain sweater into a keeper.

The Specs:
Pattern: You guessed it another Clapotis
Yarn: A hand dyed merino wool in Hot pink, red, orange, green
Needles: Size US 2 Circular Addi Turbo

M and I have been feeling pretty under the weather the last couple of days. So I just wanted an easy project that didn't require a lot of thinking. I had been wanting to knit a Clapotis for awhile and I needed a gift for a friends birthday. So I figured what better than a little hand knit treasure. I have only been working on it for 2 evenings and I can not believe how quickly it is going especially considering I am doing it on 2's.

And on the wheel news; I am still waiting on my bloody instructions which were sent over a week ago. :'(',',',',',',',',',',',',',',


  1. The neckline looks lovely, hope we get to see it on soon.


  2. Yeah, I thinnk you need a nice sunny day to photgraph black. And I hop ethat you and M are feeling better. Just remind him that I want him to get a little bit closer to the sheep this year at the show. He doesn't have to touch them just get closer...