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Saturday, November 19, 2005

MG: stranded on an isle

mired in research angst and deadlines. seeking reprieve in the fair isles.

for a little while now, i've been admiring fair isle yokes and norwegian mittens... but fair isle colorwork scared me. i'm a tense sort of person, and my knitting reflects that. my fair isle would pucker! how do you know how loosely to carry the strand?

then i read MJ's Norwegian knit-along invitation. hmm... and i saw Eunny's gorgeous Norwegian stockings--i could see myself wearing such a pair of stockings. and i perused Jess' exploration of technical variations.

i started thinking about how i would knit fair isle--definitely both strands in my left hand. but i use my left middle finger to operate the needles--both strands on the index fingers then. hmm... i had to try it. mini circulars and leftover yarn for a little random swatch. it works! not as scary as i thought; very satisfying.

the strands along the back construct a cushion-y fabric. the back:

karenina is finished--ends woven, washed, dried. i'll show you when a photo-friendly day arrives. there is a baby blanket on my needles--plain garter stitch for now. yes, lots of procrastination around here.


  1. The KAL is timely, no? I associate colored knits with winter, for some reason.

    Beautiful floats, by the way. And Jess (Fig and Plum) knits with both yarns in her left hand, too.

    - MJ

  2. Those really are beautiful floats, I can not wait to see your project. Color knitting scares me.