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Monday, April 03, 2006

kitty: first, second, third, fourth

First comes knitting,
Second comes roving,
Third comes spinning,
Fourth you guessed it comes dying.

I did a lot of dying when I was in college. I accidentally dyed my hair green right before finals one year when my long hair fell into the dye bat. This was not, a good things since I had to go home two days latter and my family would not have understood this mistake.

The other funny story was when my best friend was mixing chemicals that literally ate through her container and the entire group of us that were working in the lab, trying to get our final done has a table full of dye that was not ours running down the center eating through almost everything it touched. Caustic chemical dye mess when your final is due in 6 hours is not a good thing. Our professor was less than amused that we all seemed to like the same colour that quarter. She never knew the reason though,

Those were the days.

So I have been thinking a lot about self stripping yarns lately, I thought it was funny that Fig and Plum posted her ideas on a warping board last night. Another one of her readers posted a link to Ysolda. The warping board that I have been looking at is at Carolina Homepun. Though it really does look like you could just make your own. Epp... Not another reason to go to hardware store, we all know its M's favorite place. not!

On dying we will see if I get up off my butt to do it. I wish Christina was still in town, she was the great motivator in college. I really miss her for so many reasons.

Update: Check out this slide show that shows someone using the warping board like the one at Carolina Homespun. She also shows directions on making your own warping board for self striping yarn and directions. Created by Scout's Knitting Swag.



  1. hmmmmmmmmmmm.... I wonder how well the one works that Carolina is selling. It would be really simple to make.

  2. Please post if you end up making one. I will contiune to stop bye to see if you have another how to posting