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Friday, April 28, 2006

kitty: I can not believe it is friday already

Where do the days go, how do the hours fade so quickly that one looses track of the day? Who am I kidding, I have lost track of this year. Somehow the deadlines seem worse than ever or maybe I am just getting older and less able to deal with them. I cannot believe this time next week is MS&W. I have so much planned that needs to be to accomplished, but that is in doubt. Oh well.

I am really happy with how well my spinning is going. There is something really rewarding about bulging bobbins all freshly spun.

I have taken to spinning for 20 min before bedtime no matter what every night. A week or two ago this kind of back fired when I fell asleep at the wheel. I was snoring, peddling, drafting, and making yarn when my hubby walked down. Guess I have become one with the wheel now, we can sleep together at ease. I heat my wheel.

Recognize the yarn in the middle? Way back in June, I started on a messenger bag with my very own 1st hand spun yarn. Somehow the thought of spinning yard after yard on a hand spindle for the bag caused the project to be put in the bottom of my knitting bag and left until I got a spinning wheel. Well last weekend I dug it out and took a good look at the yarn. There were places where the yarn was so thin it looked like hair, and places that were 6x the size of other pieces. I have learned a lot since last June so I decided to rip it out, cut out the really huge offenders, and then re spin it the opposite directions. Though the original hand spun was a great reality check to see how much I have learned and how much more I need to learn.

I plan on plying the yarn and starting over with the bag. I really do love the design. I just needed to work on the yarn.

I have an almost FO, but I am not happy with it. I need to do some sort of edge on the neckline since it looks so unfinished. I have tried about everything, but it leaves these huge holes where I pick up the stitches. I am really happy with the fit; just the looseness of the stitches at the neck really upset me. Guess it is going to the bottom of the bag.

MG suggested getting some fabric and doing a bias tape on the neckline so I may try that eventually.

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  1. ROFL... I wish there was a picture or video of the sleeping spinner. That would be hilarious.

    Your yarn is getting a lot better! Good Job.