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Friday, April 14, 2006

kitty: kool-aid adventures

Adventures in Kool Aid Dyeing:
4 packets of Grape Illusions
8 packets of Black Cherry
4 packets of Grape
1 packet of lime
4 oz of California Romney in Lt. Gray Roving with dark black fibers.
8 oz of vinegar

I was really trying to work on subtle variations using a Japanese Shibori dye technique where you load different colours on different layers. Then dye one base colour over the whole lot and let the colours soak up.

Well, it had mixed results. The roving stage looked like someone threw up on the yarn, but the spun results lost most of the colour differentiation.

Kool-Aid may not be the best for this method. All, I can say is ekk I have started dyeing.


  1. Woo-hoo, dyeing. Is it fun, or what? I have yet to venture past K**l-Aid (Wilton Dyes would have been my next step). By the way, Monica (Two Left Needles) is hosting a Dye-o-Rama, in case you're interested.

    - MJ

  2. Kool Aid, Kool Aid, Sweet and smiley school days!