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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

kitty: Happy belated Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Belated Mother's Day Mom!

Well this years gift isn't as cute as last years needle gauge and yarn box, but this year they went with more historical value. My mom has a ring that she treasures that was a cuff link from the first worlds fair, so since she collects buttons I though maybe it would be a cool idea to start collecting uniform buttons from different worlds fair's for her. So here are the first two for her new collection. Hopefully I can find other to add to the group.

1933 A Century of Progress Chicago World's Fair Uniform Button

A Tape measurer and Sock darner from the 1933 A Century of Progress memento.

So Happy Belated Mother's Day Mom! Hope you had a great day.

Sorry mom for the late posting, M and I just got back from nyc.

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