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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

kitty: bleck it isn't going to work.

So, I am sure everyone is tired of hearing about MS&W at this point and really thinking that at least from me I was turning this blog into yet another spinning blog. I have been working on other things other than spinning, though all this fiber is so tempting. I decided a week ago that I really wanted a cute little lacey top. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything in my size that didn't look totally frumpy. So I have been working on my own pattern.

Though last night, I had the great realization that there is no way that I have enough yarn to finish my sweater by, oh thursday night in the pattern that I am doing. Oh and to make things worse, the bag of yarn I bought was a sample the store ordered many years ago to see if they were going to carry the yarn. They never ordered anymore. So getting more yarn is out.

So back to the drawing board I guess, I love the stitch pattern that I was using for the sleeve, but it really does suck the yarn. I have 4 skeins left and a minimum of 26*10 needed for the rest of the sweater, with no sleeves. Oh well I can use this stitch pattern for a different sleeve someday where I have a minimum of 10 skeins to devote to sleeves.

This whole inspiration for this sweater began when I started reading stitch pattern books and really realized how many amazing ribbing patterns there are out there that no one really is using. There were so many ribbings that I fell in love with, but this one won out. It is a pattern from the early 1800's.


  1. Love the color. Those patterns are pretty too. Can't wait to see more. What kinda yarn is that?

  2. How about knitting the front (or is it the back) and *then* seeing if there's enough left for sleeves? That would be another way to look at it...

    - MJ

  3. I hate ribbing (it is so boring) but it looks so fantastic once it's done. Your pattern is really interesting It is a rib that would probably keep me entertained as I knit.