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Sunday, May 07, 2006

kitty: heavy photo post of MS&W loot

Heavy Photo posting of loot from MS&W! Sorry

I have a pile of business cards that I need to go through to get the other vendors names. I thought I had kept them in separate piles, but obviously they got mixed up at some point. So I will update the other ones when I figure out the cards. I feel so stupid for mixing them up. I decided to go ahead and post since MG wanted to see the photos and I so wanted to share.

MS&W was amazing as usual, but there were so many people this year. When you wanted to take a photo in a booth or look at something you ended up fighting tons of people to reach your goal. I am so happy for the vendors that the turn out was amazing, but on the flip side it was so hard to get into some of the booths I found myself giving up.

But hands down it was an amazing experience.

Handspun Lace Baby Alpaca - No chemical processing and the vendor spun and raises her own alpaca's.
4.4lbs of Natural Dyed Rambouillet
2 lbs of Moorit Shetland - Haltwhistle Fibres
1 lb of Leicester Longwool - Haltwhistle Fibres
1 lb of baby Alpaca

2 - 8oz sampler packs of Natural Organic cotton- The Good Shepherd

One interesting bit - For Organic Cotton you should spin it using long drawl method and boil the hank for 1 hour to set the colour of the cotton.

1lb of Beauty's Roving - Icelandicsheepworld.com
4oz of Jonquil's Roving - Icelandicsheepworld.com
8 oz of Ice's Roving - Icelandicsheepworld.com
1 lb of hand picked Camel Hair
2 lb of California Romney
1 Silk Cap
Three Colourways of Long Locks
There are a few other gifts for a few people, but I don't want to spoil there surprise.


  1. Look at all the loot!!!! So what did you spin today?

  2. Lovely loot, and great pictures! You have me drooling, argh!

    - MJ

  3. ahhhh! all the lovely photos - really great shots, kitty kitty! ;) - make me just *yearn* for the mds&w fest. one day!! one day soon!

    so. what's the plan? what's first on the list to spin? ;)

  4. p.s. why does the longlocks foto spell out PAM. or is it an affirmative I AM? ;) hee.