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Thursday, May 25, 2006

kitty: pattern treasures

Is it friday yet? I am so looking forward to a nice long weekend, maybe I will actually get some time to catch up on all my lonely crafting projects.

The Red Lace Silk Sweater isn't going to well. I have tried about 3 different versions of the top 1/3 and I keep running out of yarn. I essentially have a last ditch effort going right now that hopefully will work. If not, I think I will be faced with just ripping the hole sweater out and trying a simpler ribbing that takes up less yarn for the bottom. :( It is also stretching like you wouldn't believe so maybe this is best, I could make it a lot smaller which would also save yarn.

I also have been doing a little spinning hear and there when I can find a few free minutes. (Those seem to be far and few between these days.) I have been working on a secrete spinning project that will hopefully work out. Just not feeling to positive about anything I have been doing lately in any area so we will see what happens before I fess up.

Oh well, the weekend is coming and almost all my deadlines are completed before the weekend and I found a little treasure today.

It is no secrete, but I have a great weakness for anything that was published by The Priscilla Publishing Company, 85 Broad Street, Boston, MA. I often search the used book sites and antique shows for copies of the magazine, homemaker books, cookbooks, and "Fancy Work" books that the company published.

Recently I read several references to a company in New Bedford that is offering Vintage Reproductions, Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions. She has a large collection of Modern Priscilla "Fancy Work" books. So I am extremely excited I just placed an order and hopefully they will arrive quickly.

I have a lot of great hopes about this site. Nothing like buying a reproduction of the actual pattern written in the era. I do question the copy write issues on these patterns but she claims they are all public domain at this point. I hope she continues to offer such great patterns.

Update: Did you check out there feature about Amigurumi?
Tips and tricks to help you create the wonderful world of little knitted and crocheted softies.


  1. hey there, i think the knitting looks lovely. it's frustrating to have to re-knit, but i know it will just be so satisfying to have it done the way you want.

    just was browsing that ivarose.com site last night - some gorgeous stuff, indeed! makes me almost wish i knew how to crochet - not like there isn't enough fiber stuff to do!

    i'm sending out my best tantalizing "pluuuuuccckkkkyflufffffff" whispers to you and meowgirl ;) hee, so bad!

  2. what a wonderful site, thank you for sharing.