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Friday, June 09, 2006

kitty: let the knitting begin. maybe I can finish before the US is out of it?

As you might have guessed, I am weak. I signed up for the knitting world cup. I fear I don't have enough time over the next month to devote to a crazy lace project, but I though I would do Bombshell. I ordered a lace shawl pattern, but it hasn't arrived yet and the first game has already been played so time to cast on.

So the pattern will be Bombshell by Stefanie Japel, knit in a green organic cotton and modal.

Full line up

Yes, Yes, I do know the World Cup starts today. Yes I do realize it is related to a sporting event. So for all the people who know me you can pull yourself off the floor and move back to the couch for the afternoon sports fest.

As a norm I really hate sports, maybe the occasional martial arts competition, ice skating or fencing match will get my attention, but not the normal baseball, football, soccer match. You will not find me glued to the TV to follow my favorite team, but I love world competitions. The concept that athletes from around the world can gather together for even a short period of time gives me hope in people of the world. So I love the Olympics and the World Cup.

When asked what M wants for Christmas each year he always responds "Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Man." He is quick to be informed that none of us can afford that gift so he switches it to "Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Me." Still a gift that is way out of our price range, but we do usually find a tee shirt that has the flags of all the nations from a world sporting competition. It may just be for a couple of weeks, but for those few days there is a little peace on earth. People from around the world are not worrying about anything more than the competition.

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