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Sunday, June 04, 2006

kitty: Secrete Garden Vines is almost done

The Specs: Secrete Garden Vines
Pattern: By yours truly - Trailing Vines Ribbing, Falling Poinsettia, my own variation of Vine Trailing Garden Fence, and a little joke I am calling Victorian Perfection Lace.
Yarn: 8 skeins of Garn 100% Ren Silke - Oslo / Milan
Needles: Size US 8 Circular Addi Turbo

It is pretty obvious I need to get another colour bra, sorry for the bra flashing. I will skip the front view of the sweater. :) Also we are having flash floods so outside light is not going to happen. It is The Memorial Golf Tournament so that means to any Ohioans that it is going to be gray and raining all week.

The sweater isn't done. I decided that I really should add sleeves to give it a more finished look. The big question is do I have enough yarn to add sleeves, but it is time to walk away for a while. I am not in love with the sweater. All the ripping out of the top has drastically stretched the bottom of the sweater and it keeps growing. Something that fit nicely after vigorous blocking now is about 4 inches bigger. So I am not sure what to do, other than to walk away for a while and really think about the final product.

There are things I really like about the sweater; I really love the concept of the 3 types of vine lace patterns, the little joke, and I am really happy with how the neckline turned out. So there are things I really like about the sweater.

So what is Victorian Perfection Lace, or my little joke that I referred to one might ask? I was reading one of my remnants of a Godey's Ladies book from 1866-68*, the other night studying lace patterns and I was reading and article about finding the meaning of lace. The authors wrote about the fact that in any lace garment you should reverse one set of the pattern on purpose. His feeling was that only a heavenly being can be perfect, so as to not fret and cause palpitations trying to meet perfection reversing the pattern is your control over your own mortality. Other mistakes will feel insignificant.

Thinking about how stressful lace is with complicated patterns, it just made me laugh and I had to include the concept.

*Unfortunately, I bought a box of pages so I don't really know the bibliographic information or dates from most of these pages. The person had removed all the colour plates and just ripped the pages apart and threw them in an old acidy shoe box. So they are in pretty bad shape, for the most part they are Godey's or other period print.


  1. I like the front, but I would go with only one vine lace pattern for the back!

  2. I love the neckline, and I really like the combination of patterns. I hope you manage to tweak it into a garment you can be friends with.

    Traditional middle Eastern rugs such as kilims etc. always have an imperfection woven in, the idea being that attempting perfection would be to try to emulate God and therefore blasphemous. I like the idea of incorporating it into lace. ;)

  3. that is amazing! so intricate! i wish i could do that! love the color, too!

  4. its beautiful, awesome job.