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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

kitty: random bits

So, what's next on the needles.
I had an hour of dead time last night, while I waited to test something for M and my hands were itchy for a new project to start. The lady bug sweater is on the blocking board for what I am guessing a week before it dries. I also printed off some sock patterns since I am heading to a conference tomorrow. I guess I should have been looking for yarn, needles, and swatching last night instead.

This is what I started last night. The yarn is kind of odd, it is natural kettle dyed cotton. So there are subtle changes in the pink and then every once and awhile these odd light pale pink spots.( I am guessing the dye just didn't penetrate those areas) A friend brought the yarn back from Eastern Europe from a street vendor who was dying it in the marketplace. She opted for the pink since she knew it would make M smile. The thought of a little old woman dying yarn in an open market is so sweet, I will treasure this yarn for those memories. Though I can not decide do I want to cut out all the white areas so that it is a more subtle colour contrast? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :) The other thing is I have no idea how much yarn I actually have, she bought what is equivalent to a lb.

The pattern is Sand Dollar pullover from Knitting Nature

A couple of months ago, I finally got around to placing an order with Ami Ami yarn company Canadian office. I had been smitten with there colour cards, but there was something that kept holding me back from ordering. Than MG and I decieded that we needed yarn for colour work socks so I took the plunge and ordered there amazing Fine yarn. No neither of us have knit said socks, but we get the joy of looking at these little cakes of yarn.

The other purchase I made was Szack. So I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. I just loved the colour way so much when it was knitted up. (The two images are from there site.) I mean look at the lovely subtle colours in the yarns. It really was a good deal, 100% wool, 1300m for 100g for. The problem that I didn't think about was what needles do I plan to knit this yarn on.

This has been a real problem, I decided the largest that I could go up for lace knitting was probably a 2.5mm. I had some US 000 sock needles that it knitted up lovely on, but a I wasn't about to knit lace on sock needles to trust that the stoppers stayed on. I had picked up the Inox grey that Eunny suggested in her primer for lace, but I thought the points were to blunt. So I started my quest for other needles, some of which are still traveling to me so I guess I could find others I like better. BUT BUT, Yesterday I picked up a pair of Inox Express and could finally actually knit and purl the stitches. I am so excited I can not stand it.

So what do I have slated to knit, the Sampler Stole.(Hazel Carter for A Gathering of Lace). If I ever finish it, I do think it will be lovely in this yarn.

By the way, have you checked out Pure Knits and Fable Yarn yet?

PS. She is having a sale. It just got posted 6/28 - 7/5.

I stumbled across Pure Knits a couple of weeks ago, I wish I could remember who's blog it was on so I could give them credit. As with any online shop there is a certain amount of insecurity one feels with that first order. I do take all the possible precautions even picking apart the shopping cart systems to check the code, but really there is only so much you can do. So, I decided to place a small first order to check them out and I have fallen in love.

My package arrived with a lovely HANDWRITTEN note! Yes, a real note with beautiful handwriting on real stationary. All the bags had lovely pink based ribbons. I mean who wouldn't love a company who sales yarntini yarn in pure knits colour way that is pink and brown. (yes, I covet this yarn, but haven't lucked out yet)

In my package she also was sweet enough to include a little sample of Fable handknit yarn. The yarn is super soft, reminded me of angora in softness. It is hands down the softest baby alpaca I have ever touched. I so wanted to rush out and hug an alpaca to be honest because of this yarn. So if you are in the market for baby alpaca check it out. I would definitely order this yarn, unfortunately for me though there are some alpaca that break my hands out when I knit and this one did. I let my neighbor knit with it and her hands were fine. So it was just me and she plans to order some in the fall.

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