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Saturday, June 17, 2006

kitty: WC update, I did my part now can US win?

WOHO, I made it. US plays in an 1.4 hours today. My sweater is done, except for real blocking, but M has taken over my table to cleaning all his collectibles so they are drying on it. So though it needs to be correctly blocked, I did do a little steaming in the bathroom to fulfill the last step in FO status. I also want to wear it during the game today.

I need to run to go get stuff to make lunch Chicken Alfredo on open Ravioli. Yeah, I am convinced Italy is going to win, so why bother with a US food entry in our World Cup Food competition.

M and I have also been doing a World Cup Food adventure:

Update June 19, 2006: So who is winning in the world food cup?
Day 1 German Street Vendor Brats
No. 2
Day 2 Earl Grey Strawberry Vanilla Tea, Crispy Potatoes, Open Patty Melt Beef
No. 5
Day 3 Argentina Flautas with Argentina Red Chili Chutney, Apple butter, avocado, and Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
No. 1
The meal was
to die for!
No. 3
Day 4 Spaghetti
Day 5 Korean Food at our favorite Korean Restaurant in town
Day 6 Spanish Onion Bread with avocado and chicken
No. 3
Day 7 Fish and Chips - Whole Foods Deli  
Day 8 Argentina Empanadas
Brazilian Banana Split with Banana Bread, Pineapple, Vanilla, and Strawberry Ice cream
No. 6
Day 9 Lunch: Italian Stuffed Green Peppers with Egg noodles, chicken, tomatoes, and herbs
Dinner : Northern Italian Asparagus, zucchini, onion, mushroom, chicken Pizza
American Krispy Kreme donuts, pineapple ice cream, and a bananas
Lunch No. 2
Lunch No. 1
Day 10 Lunch: French fruit Pancakes with a butter cream and apple sauce
Dinner: Korean Stone Pot cooking in a hot iron place on a table eye -
Beef, zucchinis, onions, mushrooms, korean spices and red sauce with amazing beef misso soup
Japanese Black Sesame wafers coated with organic honey served over vanilla ice cream
Dinner No. 4
 Day 11    

Links of Interest: A hilarious video for my favorite food and eating at a Japanese restaurant. Thanks, J for aiming me the link. :)


  1. well, US did win, but neither did Italy! Team fought bravely!

  2. M needs to get his priorities striaght. Blocking your sweater comes before cleaning his toys. Youned to send me a better idea of what an pen ravioli is though. I have always associated Alfredo with wide ribbon noodles.