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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

kitty: World Cup Sweater Update

My World Cup Sweater is speeding along. I only have about 10 rows of the main body, ribbing on the sleeves, and the neckline to complete. So hopefully I can finish before the US vs. Italy game. My goal is to finish the sweater before the US is completely out of the running. With the way they played on Monday, Saturday will probably be it for the US.

M and I have also been doing a World Cup Food adventure:

So who is winning in the world food cup?
Day 1 German Street Vendor Brats
No. 3
Day 2 Earl Grey Strawberry Vanilla Tea, Crispy Potatoes, Open Patty Melt Beef
No. 2
Day 3 Argentina Flautas, Argentina Red Chili Chutney, Apple butter Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
No. 1
The meal was
to die for!
Day 4 Spaghetti
No. 5
Day 5 Korean Food at our favorite Korean Restaurant in town
No. 4
Day 6  

On the spinning front:

Thank you so much Mia for my treasure box. She sent me an amazing box for roving and locks that got here on Monday. I was getting ready to get some photos and realized my battery for my camera died. :( The treasures are so amazing I wanted to share photos. Must wait for the batteries to charge.

Thank you so much Mia for being such a sweet friend and all the wonderful loot.!

MG, I don't know how you do it. I really don't know how you spun the BF as finely as you did. I have been working really hard to spin finely since I really want to spin some sock yarn to send to a friend, but I am not having much luck. This was my practice yarn, but it is huge compared to MG. This was the finest I could get it over the weekend with any consistency. But the reality is it is not really sock weight when plyed :(

Ah, this plying was so more rewarding with the end product. I couldn't fit another inch on the bobbin.

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  1. Hey your World Cup sweater is going much faster than mine!! And you're actually getting into the spirit of things with your menu!! I think Germany will win this time.

    Your spinning looks fine - you're really progressing well.