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Friday, July 21, 2006

kitty: future jaywalker in the works

Anyone know of a knitting competition? Knit X number of items by X date? I think I need some motivation to get me going. I feel like I should have finished my new Jaywalkers this week, but alas they are only 2/3 done. Though I keep telling myself I really don't need wool socks in the middle of a heat wave, now do I?

Though I can honestly say I completely understand know why January One has made so many of these socks. The pattern is wonderful. I absolutely love how well they fit. They actually really fit me. I normally come up with really baggy socks that I hate. Thank you Grumperina for such a great pattern. All the blog talk about these socks is definitely deserved.



  1. I love the little baby shoe form. How cute with the jaywalker sock.

  2. Oh, you don't need wool socks for this weather? Why not.

    Jaywalkers are lovely socks