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Sunday, July 16, 2006

kitty: Sand Dollar

The Specs:
Pattern: Sand Dollar pullover from Knitting Nature
Yarn: Kettle dyed with natural dye cotton from Eastern Europe.
Needles: Size US 9
Modifications: none

So why you ask is it destined for the frog pond? Essentially the front two panels that attach to the top of the sand dollar are to short. When you put the sweater on the neck of the sweater rides up and it causes the sand dollar to ride up oddly. (Ok, I look pregnant with it on.) It probably could be fixed if the front two panels had a couple of more inches added and there were a couple of inches on the shoulder that were not attached to the back. The problem is that I am completely out of yarn. So swimming with the Lily pads it goes. M also hated the colour on me so maybe it will end up as a baby outfit for a friend's daughter.

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