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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MG: swatchy

having trouble putting together the right design with the right yarn with the right needles. on a trip away from home; i need my stash and tools! my knitting life has been a series of photo/eyecandy-browsing and swatches. i think the lace swatch is on the verge of growing into a real knitting project though.

all i have here is my little cellphone camera, so we are stuck with fuzzy, lackluster photos. could i appease you with a fuzzy, pink paw?


  1. A fuzzy pink pawl makes me happy.

  2. Welcome Back, we missed you!

    Tickle, Tickle, that little paw needs to be tickled! (Well only if the nails have been cut.)

    Cannot wait to see the hemp. The lace looks lovely. Very organic feeling to me.

  3. The lace swatch is beautiful. I really look forward to seeing what it turns into.