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Thursday, August 10, 2006

kitty: lazy

As you can see from the last post, or lack thereof, I really haven't been crafting much lately.

I have just been in a weird funk, wanting an amazing project to start, but feeling discouraged at every turn. Maybe I am just burned out from knitting and work. Not really sure.

I did get to spend a lovely weekend with MG. It was such a delight to see her spin on my wheel. I just sat mesmerized with her fine yarn spinning skills. I really was in total amazement.

Here is the start of a sweater I swatched a while ago, I really couldn't get the gauge they were calling for in the lace. The body is spot on gauge though. So hopefully it will work out. Don't know why though last night I found myself just kind of in a daze knitting while M tried to fix his computer crisis. We were supposed to go to a convention today, but that looks dubious. I had originally just planned to put the yarn away for a better project, so don't know how I got this far on the back of the sweater.

I love the yarn by the way. It is Knitpicks Main Line. They had it on sale a couple of weeks ago so I ordered it. I am so happy I did



  1. i was wondering if that main line yarn was good - it was such a great deal they had, i should've ordered some. anyhow, i hear ya on the knitting funk - i was there for a weeks and weeks, it feels like, but now some easy lace (icarus) is helping me get all giddy again. plus the weather, of course ;)

    hi to MG! lucky ladies who get to hang out and have fun together.

  2. Ooh I do have that pattern and want to start it one day BUT I haven't really got the right yarn for it. ( with my stash it's unbelieveable I know)

    Is Main line great for next to the skin wear?
    But then in my climate I guess I need to go for cotton or silk.

  3. Hi Mona..

    I have had a lot of problem finding yarn for this sweater. This sweater is really kind of an odd gauge, to be honest I yet to find a yarn to get the gauge for the lace. So at this point I am just saying a prayer that it will work out. So I understand not having stuff in your stash. I think I have tried everything I have for it.

    The Main Line may be a little heavy for your climate. It certainly is soft enough for next to skin wear though. It has all the softness of cotton. If I didn't know I wouldn't even notice the wool. This is a major plus in my book.

    It knits up nicely, but it is pretty low twist, so it is easy to split the yarn. (knock on wood) This is the first knitpicks yarn that I have gotten that hasn't been full of splices, so surprisingly nice quality.

  4. wha a great pattern! Can't wait for you to finish it!