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Monday, August 14, 2006

kitty: turning back the time

Have you ever sat and wondered if you were able to turn back time what your craft patterns would look like. Would your next project be a knitted bodice with sleeves to fit over your corset? Maybe you would be setting up to needlepoint a hunting dog for your footstool this fall, because you wanted something new for the back parlor for Christmas. Or maybe you need a new needle book cover for your sewing box.

When MG, and I first set up Knitbuddies, one of my hopes was to be able to post some of the historical resources that I have in my collection from the 1800's to share with everyone.

Over the weekend I actually sat down and posted 3 months of the Work Department section from a 1869 Godey's Lady's Book. My copies are in pretty bad shape so I am pretty afraid of scanning them, so sorry if the pages are not perfectly square. Hopefully I will find some more time to get more posted soon. Hope you enjoy them.

Godey's Lady's Book - 1869
January 1869 - Work Department
February 1869 - Work Department
March 1869 - Work Department

1 comment:

  1. Now the question is, have you ever made anything from the Godey's Books? I just read through them and really couldn't understand a thing.

    Wow, it certainly took me down a step or two as a modern crafter. We are really lacking in skills.