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Saturday, September 16, 2006

kitty: well, there is always a scarf

Thursday night...

M: " So, you couldn't find a project to knit I see.... You are knitting a new scarf right?"

kitty: "Yes, you are right I am just to distraught to decide on a new pattern. Nothing seems to be striking the right cord or right gauge. So how did you know I was knitting a scarf?"

M: " Well, you always said if worse comes to worse you can knit a scarf, so I just figured."

kitty: "Yep, I am designing my own lace scarf from one of the lace books that I just got that teaches the principles of Shetland design. (M, starts to ignore me at this point and just begins to make those husband "O" sounds like he is listening.)

I think I have hit that after a great project depression. I needed a new project, but cannot find anything to knit. So lace scarf it is.

I recently picked up:

Heirloom Knitting
Sharon Miller

"A Shetland lace knitter's pattern and workbook. An instructive guide including an overview of Shetland lace, explanations of technique, design and helpful tips about developing your own patterns. Above all though this book is a wide-ranging collection of charted patterns. 296 pages. A4 format, paperback."

The book is jammed packed with design instructions, references, and the history of shetland lace. Definitely a good resource for the library of lace knitters. Not the best printing by any means. I have a couple of pages that have ink transfer, but an amazing reference book.

So I have about 17.5 inches on US size 2 knit pick needles, after 2 days. It is currently making me happy so that is a good start.


  1. nothing wrong with a lace scarf! i love those stitch pattern books - i'm sure it'll come out great. you lace knitter you ;)

  2. Wow, what a project! Happy knitting!