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Friday, September 15, 2006

MG: lendrum-happy again

a crisp hank of the moorit shetland (scroll down) i spun before my summer trip and long separation from my wheel. spun from the fold, longdraw; navajo-plied, therefore 3-ply; 270 yards--large margin of error on this measure; around 17 wpi or fingering weight.

i do not yet own the art of navajo-plying. i made a gnarly mess of overplied and underplied yarn, despaired over ruining my beautiful singles, then unplied a bit in order re-ply. it was tedious but worth the tedium and improved much. the yarn is probably overplied and too dense, but still, i love it with beaming parental pride.

continued stocking stitch, 5"/13cm:


  1. Happy that your un-plying and re-plying gave you good results! I did that once, and despaired the whole time doing it, but the yarn really came into its own at the end!

    Such a beautiful color too, good thing you didn't give up on it!

    - MJ

  2. mmm, that looks like fluffy gorgeousness. good call on the re-plying - i did that once as well and it turned out better than i'd hoped.

    navajo plying has a hard rhythm sometimes and it's one of those things still that if i think about, i make a mess of. i just need to not think about it i guess ;)

    and lovely knitting there!