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Monday, October 23, 2006

MG: third go

the little red footlet has suffered many froggings, but this version is for keeps. all it needs is a mate, who would like to be born before the end of socktober.

rigid stitchmarkers--plastic or metal rings--and i don't seem to get along. they slip surreptitiously off needles and require scrunching to maintain tension. i usually end up abandoning them for knotted pieces of scrap yarn, which are less than ideal...

so i made some stitchmarkers with elastic beading cord (the clear, rubberband-y stuff), crimping beads, and teardrop glass beads. i love them so! they are rigid enough to hold shape for easy transfer yet pliable enough to hug stitches. the rubbery texture also reduces mysterious disappearances into the folds of my comforter. my needles feel fancy.


  1. One, two, three, spread out the cape
    One, two, three, twirl ‘round the floor
    One, two, three, left foot you swing
    One, two, three, then start to sing
    One, two, three, loud as you please!
    One, two, three, counting with ease!
    One, two, three, doing the socky sock!

    Socky, socky sock; socky sock; socky sock; socky sock!

    (with apologies to the Count)

  2. ooo those stitch markers are great looking! :)

  3. Lovely little sock you got there!

  4. such a nice sock ~ modern with the stripes at the toe and old-fashioned lovely with the lace. yay!

    and gooooood call on the stitch markers. yours look so elegant!


  5. The sock is gorgeous, I love the contrasting stripe! And the stitch markers are so cute. It's nice to be able to make something so practical and useful, isn't it? :)

  6. Love the socks. And love those stitch markers. How clever!