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Thursday, November 30, 2006

kitty: a short post to say thank you

Don't you hate it when you set down to type out a post only to realize that exhaustion and pain win out. I had great plans and photos all planed out, only to realize that my back hurt to much and I was tired beyond belief. So I decided that I would post the most important thing; a thank you note to a dear friend after she sent me a treasure box. I have knitting news and weaving news to post about, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

Thank you so much Mia.... There really is something magical about receiving a pair of hand knit socks from a dear friend. The fit is absolutely perfect and I couldn't be happier. I absolutely love them and they are the first sock gift I have ever received.


Check out those happy piggies in that photo!


And check out the other amazing wonders that was in my box. I see lots of sock knitting in my future and some wonders to be spun as well.

Thanks again Mia. :) My treasure box is amazing beyond my dreams again.

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy that you liked everything in the box. But wouldn't M let you photograph his items?

    And it is nice to have a new pair of socks that you didn't have to knit yourself. I think they will be on your feet quite a bit.