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Monday, December 04, 2006

kitty: hurry up and wait socks are almost born

The Specs:
Pattern: "Hurry up and Wait" (My Own Pattern)
Shelridge Farm, R.R. #2, ON Canada NOB 1 BO - in Thistle Flower 100% Wool Soft Touch Ultra
Time: Only one sock done, but about 4 hours
Unknown since it was a Sweet Halloween Gift from Mia

The name of these socks was born out of the realization that the majority of my life is spent waiting; waiting for computer programs to run, waiting for clients to call, waiting for M to be ready to leave the house, waiting for M to help me with the project I am working on, waiting on M so we could actually eat, waiting, waiting, waiting. This project is taking a small portion of that hurry up and wait time when I am in public. It has been living in my purse. I had really not wanted to work on it at home. So I could really estimate how long it would take, about 2 weeks. I did cheat and do the toe in bed over the weekend while watching movies though.

I am really enjoying the yarn. It is slightly overspun, but it knits up nicely. I was really happy with my cable stitch definition. It is soaking in a sink with Soak as I type so we will see how it washes up.

The Habu scarf is coming along slowly. Only 36 inches to go on 2's and 1's. WOHO!!! I must say the fabric is lovely, but I really don't own the right needles for this project. The hair size yarn falls off way to easily and with the weight of the scarf just runs down 20 -30 rows before you can even grab the crochet hook. I don't know what I would do without M a couple of times when he has held the needles as I picked up the stitches.

Better get to work. Deadlines are pressing, but I am in one of those hurry up and wait times!


  1. So those are the start in the bank line socks! They are really pretty!!!! And M can be great at times ;) Now if there was a cure to getting him to hurry up.....

  2. cute!! i love the stitch pattern combination.

    now, where is the weaving? hmmm? i wanna see!

  3. HEHE, yes yes yes MG... Tomorrow I promise a weaving post. I was going to write it this morning, but the phone started to ring off the hook.

    PS MG... Sorry I forgot to give you credit for the window photo. I think you really have perfected the combination. I couldn't seem to get decent photos at all this morning until I did a MG photo and then it worked perfectly. Your photo idea really is the best for indoor shots of socks on cloudy Ohio morning. I mean it was only 4 degrees outside with the wind chill, don't know why I didn't hop outside. Though no crazy MG photos standing on stools that probably swivel for me. Thank you and sorry I didn't give you credit in the post this morning.

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